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The Nipigon Public Library and the Nipigon District Family Health Team (NDFHT) partnered to bring fun, flavourful nutrition sessions to youth!

Kim Porter, registered dietitian from the NDFHT, presented the “Food Art” program at the library throughout March and April. Food was presented in a fun way using games and art to teach youth (8+) about taste, texture, nutrition, visual appeal, Canada’s Food Guide, and more! Each session focused on a different food group and the program ended with a session on beverages. Games like hopscotch were incorporated to get kids moving while learning too!

Not only were the youth being physically active and learning about healthy nutrition but they also had the opportunity to get a little creative. For the session on meat and alternatives, after learning about many of the alternatives in this food group and different ways of getting protein, youth were tasked with making an ocean scene using bagels, cottage cheese, and some extra toppings. They sure look like tasty pieces of art!

Thank you to Sumiye Sugawara for submitting this community success story! Let’s keep promoting healthy lifestyles to children throughout the region; great job Nipigon!



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