There are now 8 water bars throughout the region! Which one will share the most water in its community? Grab your reusable water bottle, fill it at one of the HKCC water bars, and gulp back some fresh water to stay hydrated!

Not only do these water bars help to keep us healthy and hydrated, they also help to improve the environmental sustainability of community events!

So what IS a water bar?

These units are Canadian-designed and Canadian-made mobile water refill stations that eliminate the need for disposable water bottles. Featuring 2 water bottle refill faucets, a charcoal filtration system and water meter, HKCC water bars can roll into place at any indoor or outdoor site and connect to any garden hose faucet!

Where can you find one?

The water bars are located across the region, check out the list below to see if there is one in your community and who to contact about borrowing the unit for your next event!

Community Contact Email Phone
Manitouwadge Shawna Patterson 826-3227 x. 237
Terrace Bay Michelle Malashewski 825-3315 ext.225
Schreiber Evan Cole 824-2711 ext. 226
Red Rock Blair Westerman 886-2524
Dorion Kitty Dumonski
Biigtigong Nishnaabeg Tammi Shaw
Greenstone Rob Kurish 854-1100 ext. 2011